What you should do to have a good guitar recital

What-you-should-do-to-have-a-good-guitar-recitalReciting or performing professional guitar is the goal of many young guitar beginners.

How to have a good guitar concert? Why I always feel nervous every time I get on stage, and unable to do the guitar recital well? I play the guitar very well, but when performing I can not do as when I practice? Looks like I am scared of the stage, how to fix it? ….

Those are the questions that players sent to Solguitar to ask for counseling. Shaking and nervous when performing guitar are the emotions that anyone has to go through to get a good concert. How to overcome that difficult period? Before going into the main problems of this article, you can refer to the article “Stage bravery and how to overcome mistakes when performing” of us.

What is guitar recital?

Recital (play, expression, representation, Performance) is transforming the music notation (and language) to lively sound to listeners, so that they receive the passion the performers express through the songs.

Recital section plays an intermediary role between the composers and the audiences. The fact that it “requires middlemen” in the art of music, which is often considered the “unfortunate” for the composer. Because of the same tracks, each of the performers will recite with various style of art.

Guitar performers can be compared to an interpreter, being the intermediates in communication between users of different languages. Sometimes an interpreter does not translate all of the speaker’s meaning, which is quite normal. Also there are times the interpreting express better than the speaker.

To achieve better expression than the speaker, Guitar performers not only need the skillful technique, good sense of sound, understandings of music, to understand the mind and ideas of the composer but also need really stable stage bravery.

The stage bravery when Reciting Guitar

What-you-should-do-to-have-a-good-guitar-recital-1Being on stage for the thousandth time, do people feel less shaking than the first time on stage? Not sure. Stage bravery is something belongs to instinct. Stage bravery – or, for easier visualization, is the skill to behave in front of the crowd, the skill to master and lead the public in performance – is that something that can be trained?

Facing the crowd needed a tough nervous system: If it is the singer, they often place the look on the audience on the fifth row of seats, that is where the most pleasant sight, not flashy because of the lights, do not need to lift the head too high or bow the neck too low, put your eyes there and concentrate to the best performance of yours, Guitar players do not need too much focus on audience interaction.

Guitar performers just need to focus as they are just playing guitar for an audience in the sight to hear, that will help them less confused, bewildered. Smile, just smile with only the “sample” audience. That is a good lesson that you should keep in mind as a guitar beginner.

However theatrical behavior skill is only a small part of life skills. When you have learned how to behave well with the relatives in the house, as you know make your friends pleased, when you smile cordially with strangers you mete by chance in the street, when you do not do ridiculous tricks, then you believe that you will be very mature on stage.

Requirements when performing guitar

When reciting the Guitar, to transfer correctly and completely the message of the author to the audience you need to have certain efforts but to blow soul into the music, you need to really “live” in that music. About trying to practice, the actions you make will affect the success of the show. So when performing the guitar, you should notice a few rules:

Confident: In order to be confident, you need to practice more, when your level is good, your experience is much, you will feel more confident and comfortable when performing.

Clever: To do this, the player must go through 2 music and technique requirements; it is the accuracy and continuity.

  • Continuity: Continuity to show that you are a professional player; you play a song without any mistakes or stumbling, in a precise and coherent way.
  • Accuracy: When playing guitar, try not to confuse any notes. To do this you just need to pay attention to train hard and place the fingers position, through your sound and your expression.

What Solguitar say above are very important, but the most important is your love for the guitar. A good guitar reciting artist is the one who knows how to play guitar with all his heart.

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