Ultimate Guitar Lessons for Beginners – Introduction

Ultimate-Guitar-Lessons-for-Beginners---IntroductionYou see someone playing the guitar and you are enchanted and start to get interested. Therefore you want to conquer it and form a learning objective for yourself. It is a good signal, but just a necessary condition for you to learn this musical instrument, so what is the sufficient condition?

That is the guidance of a teacher, which will help you learn the guitar more quickly and officially. However, not everyone is able to find a professional mentor, for that reason SolGuitar is pleasure to share the Ultimate Guitar Lessons for Beginners to help you. Hopefully this article is useful to you.

What do you get after learning this series?

Firstly, you will have knowledge of music theory.

I see so many people who learn to play the guitar without the need of learning music theory. They learn through the tabs. The advantage of learning through them is that you do not need to know the music theory. You just look at the tabs and play. But if you just learn by tabs, you will not be able to develop the skills of playing guitar. You can not compose one simple intro for your favorite song, and have to go asking for tabs on blogs, websites in order to play it. Moreover, you can not afford to play the guitar with a song sheet in front of you.

So I strongly recommend you not to learn by tabs. And if you still determined to do so, then you should stop reading because this series will not contain any tabs for you.

Second, you learn how to self-learn guitar

After finishing the series, you will have enough knowledge and skills to develop your own ability to play the guitar in the style that you want.

Third, you can perform a few new songs for your friends and family

The strength of this series is that it includes nice, inspiring and easy to follow exercises for you to enjoy practicing. However, occasionally there will be compulsory exercises that you have to do.

After completing this series, you will know how to play some basic songs. You can play for friends and family or simply play for yourself when you feel stressful.

What are the requirements for learners?

The targeted objects of this series are the beginners. There are only a few requests:

– Spend at least 1 hour a day to practice guitar.

– Focus on each lesson for 1 week. Do not skip lessons because it is not effective.

– Self-record and compare with the sample audio file. Notice errors and repair them. If you can not do this by yourself, please comment or contact me. We will help you.

– Optional: If you can find another person to learn with you then your progress will be much quicker. Two people can support each other, which will make the self-learning process smoother. See more about the benefits of group work.


I will try to write in the most understandable way so that you can practice the lessons immediately. Hopefully this series will help you learn the guitar more easily. If you find it interesting, just like and subscribe for SolGuitar’s fanpage and share it to your friends to learn together. Any questions please comment right below this post.

If you’re ready, then please start your first note here: Ultimate Guitar Lessons for Beginners.

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