Train chord-hearing ability when learning basic guitar

train-chord-hearing-ability-learning-basic-guitar-hearEach guitarist has their own secret to succeed in the path of music, in which the technique and concentration are the two key factors that help you play guitar better. However, the ability to listen to music – with intervals, chords, scales and rhythms are also extremely important for perception, understandings and composing music.

So that:
• Is there a fastest and the simplest way to practice music hearing ability while playing Guitar?
• With Guitar Beginners should practice hearing method will be most effective?

In this article Solguitar will guide you 3 simple tips to help beginning players training music hearing ability fastest. This practice will help you to be easier to learn and retain the musical ideas or to serve the process of making music, interact with other musicians and improvise when performing Guitar.

The first tip

Listen and identify the music going on around you.

One of the best ways to train the ability to listen for your ears is to listen to the music being played around you everyday. Whether it’s a song on the radio or a jingle sound on TV … being surrounded by music you can teach you much more than you think.

Let’s start questioning yourself. How can you feel the rhythm of the whole song? Imagine every note in every lyric? As a major key or minor key? How the speed of the song and the change in the speed in the song? You can determine the spacing between notes in the melody? How is the chords used? What is the chord started in the song? …

Once you’ve answered these questions and feel the song, try taking out your guitar and start interacting by playing the same songs you heard…

Tip Number Two

Hear exactly what you’re playing

A great way to practice ear ability is to focus to hear what you’re playing. When you do this, you will rely solely on your ears to present a song. Doing this well takes time and discipline, but it is an invaluable skill and that is the key for you to become a real guitarist. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

First, select a song – it’s best to choose something easy, such as “Happy Birthday” – and sit down with a guitar. Start by playing a random note then play the next note in the piece of music your own way. Continue playing the song until you have mastered the melody. Once mastered the tone try to find the rhythm again by starting from the first note.

Take your time to accurately identify the notes that make the tunes, listen to each specific pitch and try to do this with a few songs every day. When you feel that you can read musical notes in the melody easily, the next thing is to figure out the chords to go with that tune.

Once you’ve mastered the familiar song, started playing guitar solo by ear. Please challenge yourself with harder songs and once you get used to the music, it surely will become as natural as your own breath!

Tip Number Three: Sing! Sing! Sing!

train-chord-hearing-ability-learning-basic-guitar-singBesides feeling chord changes, you must know the melody and lyrics. Singing is a great way to connect your ears with music. Do I necessarily to sing while playing guitar? Yes, you need to sing out loud, but do not worry if you do not sing well.

This idea is not to record your voice, but the primary purpose is to learn more about how to create music. Like a piano player using both hands to play two different rhythms or a drummer using all limbs work independently, you need to play the guitar and sing at the same time. Here’s what you need to do to be able to sing and play the guitar:

1. You can temporarily put away the guitar to concentrate entirely to the singing. Select a song and remember words. Sing out loud. Sing with the voice recorder. Sing in the shower. Sing for your cat to hear. When you can sing a song without stumbling or wrong pieces of music, it’s time to sync everything.

2. It will be very useful when humming melody on the accompaniment before actually sing them. This helps you get familiar with any chord changes without having to care about the lyrics. Once you are familiar with the tunes, you will gradually become comfortable with singing it.

3. Tap slowly is the method to sing and play correctly, although more slowly than it is to play randomly at the fast speed. Practice each music box until you both play and sing without any errors. Speed will come when you play it correctly

4. If you’re playing a song that uses finger picking, you will find it useful to apply the following steps

– First, singing and simply play simply when playing chords.
– Once you have felt the song completely in this way, move on to more complex type, and then play by the original

If you find it hard to sing some notes (because it is too high or too low), then you should switch on the guitar tone to suit your voice. Chords moved up 1 or 2 frets. You can transfer the song tone to be higher or lower. Try to sing until you find the one tone suitable with your voice. You can transfer voice by capo; this can help you keep the same original hand position.

=> Therefore, with 3 small tips on Solguitar, I believe that you will be successful on your music hearing ability if you keep your perseverance. I wish you happy playing Guitar.

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