The perfect positions to play guitar

You can sit or stand to play guitar, and the position you choose hardly affect the tone or playing technique. However, for each type of guitar, there are different positions and you need to maintain a good posture when playing Guitar to avoid injury to the spine, arms and hands.

Two perfect positions to play Guitar

Sit to play Guitar Posture:

The-perfect-positions-to-play-guitar-featureThere are 3 points will form the solid fulcrum for the guitar, so that the fretboard will not be swinging, which is 1 – the curl below, 2-back of the sound board rests on the upper body 3 – the edge curl depending on the high or low hand position to press for points 1 and 3 to form a clip for the guitar.

The modern posture is very different from the classic. About the classic posture, besides the 3 points above, there is the 4th point, which is the soundboard bottom that places on the remaining leg (Meanwhile, the below curl rests on the left leg and the bottom soundboard places on the right leg).

Stand to Play Guitar Posture:

Play Guitar in a standing position, you need a strap on the guitar (can be purchased separately, or attached to the guitar). Then you can stand in a normal way, examine and adjust the guitar strap to ensure the height that you feel comfortable while playing.

If your straps slip off the shoulder while you are playing in a standing position, you can practice to catch your guitar before it hits the floor. Therefore, you should not use a strap that is too old or worn out or the leg holes are too large to prevent damage to the soundboard.

Posture while playing the classical guitar

Most people prefer to sit while practicing but standing while performing publicly. This may suit the vast majority of types of Guitar, but particularly for the classical guitar, you should sit during practice and performances.

In fact, it does not mean you can not play the classical guitar while standing, but the classical guitar playing technique requires you to keep sitting posture while playing.

Use a hard chair or dedicated chair to play the guitar, do not use cushion chair that has thick fur.

  1. The whole weight of the guitar rests on 2 feet, 2 hands are completely free. Left hand rose to an affordable height (not too high or low) and easy to move. Many of you sit in a wrong posture so your left hand has to do two things: move and lift the guitar neck – that is miserable and difficult.
  2. The strings are perpendicular to the right fingers: to create the best guitar sound.
  3. The most important thing: STRAIGHT BACK.

If you can not sit straight back like that, you will not be able to play the difficult techniques (tremolo for example). Why is that, because the spine is home of the reaction. If it is not straight, the spine will be less reactive. At high speeds, your brain will not be able to control your hand.

It means the hands are performing conditioning chain reactions, which was formed through the practicing process (the note before is the condition of the next note). Therefore, STRAIGHT BACK is the main point of success of any musical instruments, and even some of the sport.

This position is for anyone who plays the classical guitar and those who started practicing the posture above as this is a most standard hand form posture. Once you get used to playing, you move on to another line, this position will be no longer relevant.

For example, you can not play faco in this sitting style, because faco style contains mainly rag, acor, and run fingers. If you sit like this, the finger speed will be greatly reduced.

If you are a beginner, it is best that you follow the correct posture, create one standard form for your hands, and later you can find the most comfortable sitting posture for yourself.

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