The legend of the guitar

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was an old man and his daughter lived in southern Spain in a wooden house. At that time, the old man was famous for being a skilled carpenter; some people even said that he was the most skilled carpenter! His daughter is called Citra. She had a beautiful voice like no other.

Every time she started singing, everyone stopped to listen, even the singing birds on the branches had to stop to enjoy her voice … Not only that, the voice of Citra also had the miraculous healing ability. People across southern Spain often came to ask her to sing whenever there were diseases.

One stormy night, someone knocked on the door of the wooden house! They opened the door. Standing at the threshold was a miserable old woman, drenched in ragged clothes. The old woman was cold, nearly unable to stand. The father and daughter rushed to light the stove and brought dry clothes for the old woman then let her drink hot milk with honey to make her feel better.

The next morning, when the old woman was healthier, she told Citra that her grandchild was dying from a weird disease that no healers can cure. “That’s why an elderly woman as me had to travel for months to come here to meet you, dear Citra, just to beg you to save my grandchild.” And the old woman sat for hours telling Citra about her grandchild.

The more she listened, the closer Citra felt for the poor girl who she did not know, like she had known her for ages.

The next day, she said goodbye to her father to follow the old woman to save her grandchild with her own voice. The father asked his two friends to follow and support them and after several weeks they came to a village in Asturias. Her grand daughter was unconscious, flickering near death.

The-legend-of-the-guitar-featureCitra sang immediately. Never in her life had she sung as beautiful as that! She sang non-stop … until the third day the girl opened her eyes. The evil diseases were cured!

But on the way home, a snowstorm on cold mountains entombed Citra and two aged companions. When the storm was over, fortunately, a group of people caught Citra who was buried in the snow and as cold as dead. They saved her and returned her to the old father.

Citra escaped death, but her larynx was paralyzed because of the snow, she would never sing again. Therefore, she became melancholy, always immersed in a frightening state of somber.

Anxious to save his daughter, the father suddenly remembered that he had a pink piece of wood in his carpentry warehouse. So, days after days, the old man cared for Citra and carved silently the warehouse to make a gift for his daughter.

He did it yearly and finally completed a strange but beautiful instrument with the shape of a young woman. Then he asked the hunters in his village to hunt two deer for him. The big one, he took its leg tendon to stretch for the bass strings; while the young one, he took the tendon to stretch for the high strings.

When the instrument was completed, he stood in front of the house and stroked his fingers on the animal tendon strings. A series of deep, charming and melodious sound appeared… First time, since recovered, Citra walked out of the doorway to find out where the fairy sound emanated from.

Her father gave her the unique instrument. Citra lifted up and started to play music. Beautiful sound floated in the air … People across southern Spain came to see this weird guitar. Every time she played, everyone stopped to listen, even the singing bird on the branches had to stop to enjoy…

Not only that, the guitar sound of Citra also had the miraculous healing energies just her singing in the previous days. People often came to ask her whenever there were diseases….

The “G” in Guitar

The name Citra gradually spread throughout the world and the instrument was named after her are simulated everywhere. In India, her guitar was called the sitar (or Chitar), in Italy this instrument called Chitarra.

Some other places, the letter “C” had been changed to the letter “G” and so today we have the Gitara in Spain, Guitare in France, Guitar in Britain-America, and Ghi-ta in Vietnam .

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