The guitar and exciting life lessons

Perhaps many of you do not know: The Guitar is the instrument that conquered the most conservative lands, makes many acclaimed musicians and creates a unique color among all of the musical instruments in the world.

the-guitar-and-exciting-life-lessonsFrom understanding and learning the guitar, you will recognize a lot of interesting things despite small but are probable the lesson in modern life, which many of us have forgotten about.

It may be a lesson about love, about the most suitable pieces for each person. Or lesson about gratitude, about the ups and downs parts in our lives, but then everything will be fine, etc. Let Solguitar discover the mystery behind the little but great instruments.

Big – small style guitars give us lessons about love

The guitar has many designs and different sizes to adapt and to suit each person, each guitar learning age. Big and tall people uses big guitar, small and short people use smaller ones. So if you buy a guitar, which is oversized, that will make it difficult for you to play.

It is also true about love. It is not because we are lonely that we should take a random person to date, to brag with friends, or to chase after a girl / guy who is pretty or handsome without knowing their personality.

Such relationships like that are often not durable. As rainfall, they enjoy coming together but splitting easily. It is because they are not suitable for each other. If they are suitable, then they can be together.

Strings – guitar fret board give lessons on gratitude

Among the parts of the guitar, we often know that strings and the soundboard are the most important because they directly emit sound. However, this makes us forget the fret board.

When the strings are broken, we can wire them back and continue to play, however, when a fret board is broken, you can not fix it. Now you can realize the importance of the existence of the fret board.

And in life, there are so many people who silently contribute and dedicate to the country and the world. Their life goes on quietly, no one realized, and until they quietly leave this life, we then comprehend the great loss, and regret and we can start appreciate them.

Bass strings – high strings give us the meaning of life

The guitar has 6, or 4, 12 strings, etc the amount of strings are not fixed; it depends on your type of site. However, no matter how many the guitar strings, they will be divided into bass and high strings with their own function. Strangely, just combining those two kinds of strings, you can play any songs. And life is like the characteristics of the two strings.

Life is colorful and diversity, with many fate. On your path, you can meet the people with unfortunate fate, but any of abandoned kids, the elders wandering beggars, helpless, or there are people born in richness and luxury.

Or just try asking yourself about your own life, you are not always successful, happy. Quite simply, life must have ups and downs time, there is time you succeed, and there is time you fail. There is happiness, and there are tears. If life just has one color, it will become meaningless, blurred and boring.

Thus, learning guitar is how you learn things in life; listen to your heart and everything around you.

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