Stage bravery and how to overcome mistakes when performing

Stage-bravery-and-how-to-overcome-mistakes-when-performing-featureWhen it comes to bravery stage, it is often referred to singers, dancers, actors but very few people mention the musicians. And a lot of people assume that, musicians do not have to speak while performing so they will not have to face the problem of being overwhelmed by the spotlight.

In fact, all of the musicians are like other artists, they lifted up their voice by the melody through the instrument and also go through all the stress, anxiety and mistakes while performing.

Thus, the failure of performing musician can also ruin the whole of his performance and the band’s. Solguitar would like to share some tips to help you beginners reduce stress and overcome mistakes when performing guitar on stage.

Handling if there is a mistake when performing

Frightened and overwhelmed by the spotlight can be expressed in very different ways. It can produce psychological effects that can not be controlled well and consequently it leads to mistakes, errors slipping in music performances. So the best way to deal with this problem is that you should know how to stay calm when performing.

Learn to accept that you just played the wrong music; if you just made mistakes you can overcome it. If you feel overwhelmed during the performance, do the following ways to regain your control of the show:

  • Take a moment to calm down by taking deep breaths, adjust your bench or drink a little water … Find a smile or a nod of the audience in the front row if you feel the need to relieve stress or simply to regain your sense of the melody you are going to play.
  • Think of a cheerful and comfortable tone, in your head.
  • Start again from the beginning of the song (if the errors are not too far from the first note) or start again at 1 page you just played wrong.
  • Remain calm and always thought that I play music because I love it, I perform for my passion.
  • Do not worry about winning or award, as there will be a lot of other opportunities, you have to overcome yourself to win.

How to reduce stress while on stage

Keep a special stuff or a special person to you on the side.

It will soothe your nerves. Here is a trick for all ages as theatrical performances; often they tend to be stuffed animals for children and jewelry or memorabilia for adults.

Observe “audience”.

Think of each individual in the crowd about you can have a tremendous source of encouragement to help you feel more confident. Calm observation of the crowd, a smiling face, a look of sympathy, etc all of these contribute to your talent shining on stage.

Train a lot and practice on stage to become familiar with it.

The only way to overcome fear is to go on stage to face it, so you should practice a lot to not be “overwhelmed” when performing. Should find every opportunity to perform in front of people, whether it is just a little theatrical.

You can also contact the tearooms, cafes, and clubs … to play in there. Let’s start with the small stage to practice skills and your stage bravery. No smooth path for everyone, everyone has to go through those difficulties and overcome yourself is the best way to get stage bravery.

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