Lesson 2

Welcome back to Ultimate Guitar lessons for Begginers. In this second lesson, you will do 2 tasks. First is to practice new lessons, second is to generally research about singing along with the guitar.


1. Wave

Ultimate-Guitar-Lessons-for-Beginners-waveAnalysis track:

  • Rhythm: C – 2/2
  • Symbols:
    • a: use the finger to measure
    • b: to use the middle finger to hit
    • Symbol <: play louder gradually
    • Symbol >: play smaller
    • f: Play hard
    • Symbol #: Increase half note (1 board on the fret board)

  • Play loud and small segments correctly.
  • Play the finger a, b correctly.

2. Over and Over

Ultimate-Guitar-Lessons-for-Beginners-Over-and-OverAnalysis track:

  • Rhythm: ¾
  • Symbols: Am, E, E7, etc: Name of chords
Note: Do not pay attention to the chords Am, E, E7 … You just hit the usual notes. After mastering this exercise. You go to the next section below.

Introducing about singing along with the guitar

Imagine you play the guitar, and sing along. That is singing along with the guitar. In a band, we have:

  • Songs tone: The main part of a song.
  • Rhythm: The song accompanied music.
  • Bass: The part reserved for guitar bass or drum.

Actually you only need the first 2 parts for one song. The main part is the part you sing. The rhythm section is the part you use a guitar to accompany your lyrics. We will learn about the rhythm section.

To play a song, there are two things you have to pay attention: Chords and rhythm.

The chords:

Is the section where you will plays over and over during playing the guitar. The basic chords:



Is the music you use to play the chords. For example, waltz, Boston, Slow rock …

After basically understand those 2 parts, you can start playing and singing one of your favorite songs. The following are sample exercises.

Godfather theme


Step 1: You play the note to know the melody.

Step 2: Analysis

  • The chords used: Am, Dm, E, E7, G, C.
  • Rhythm used: Slow: Bass – 3 – 21 – 3
    • Bass: bass strings. (1 of 3 strings 4,5,6)
    • 3: string 3
    • 21: hit 2 and 1 strings simultaneously

Step 3: Play Chords only

Step 4: Singing together with playing

So you have basically learned how to sing along with playing one song. After this lesson, you can sing and play your favorite songs. Note that 2 basic parts of chords and melody.

Practice this lesson 2 at least 1 week before starting the next lesson 3.

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