Jasmine s35 Acoustic Guitar Review

Generally speaking, Jasmine s35 Acoustic Guitar is a decent entry-level guitar, designed for newbie guitarist having little experience about guitar. As expected from the producer Takamine, a reliable Japanese brand who specializes in making budget guitars, the guitar is valuable for the price.

About myself, I would say I am a veteran guitarist. Actually, it’s not like I’m a professional or a guitar expert; nonetheless, I have played guitar casually for many years, enough to understand almost every aspect of guitars.

Recently, my little brother has expressed his aspiration to learn playing guitar. He told me that he was really really into guitars and wanted to be as good as I am as a guitarist.

At first, I highly doubted what he said because he was just an immature 15-year-old-boy who didn’t seem to really commit to anything. In the past he tried taking up some hobbies (such as swimming, playing football, etc) and gave up after a pretty short time.

A new guitar usually requires a large amount of investment. And in my case, I knew it was an extremely risky gamble regarding the fact I understood my brother so well. That is why I chose Jasmine s35 Acoustic Guitar as a present for his birthday.

Who is Jasmine s35 Acoustic Guitar suitable for?

While a guitar for professional usage usually costs over $1000 and a guitar for casual players is often over $500, the reasonable price for an entry-level guitar is under $500. Just from the price, you can easily know that Jasmine s35 Acoustic Guitar is a guitar for beginners.

However, even for a beginner guitar, Jasmine s35’s price is still insane. Honestly, I have never seen a playable guitar under $100. Obviously, you have to sacrifice several features for the sake of saving money, but if you are running on a low budget, or you simply don’t want to spend a large deal buying a guitar for trial, then Jasmine s35 maybe the perfect guitar for you.


When assessing a guitar, firstly we have to examine the materials used in the guitar production. In this case, Jasmine s35 Acoustic Guitar has a spruce top, nato sides and back. The fretboard is made from Rosewood. Judging from the materials, I would say they are all trustworthy types of wood.

Therefore, I consider the price of the guitar to be incredibly cheap, and in fact, I don’t even know how they are able to make the guitar at that low cost.

Next, the guitar is also light and fits my brother’s body-build pretty well. He feels comfortable even after sitting and practicing for an hour. Another advantage of Jasmine S35 is that it is quite easy to play because the neck is small and the frets are located close to each other.

Listen to the sound of this guitar:

As a result, it will be fine even if you have short fingers.

Finally, Jasmine s35’s beauty makes it outstanding with well-done painting job and graceful dreadnought acoustic body. The guitar looks pretty good overall that I’m sure no one can notice it is just a beginner guitar. So if you play the guitar in front of non-guitarist spectators, you have all the reasons to be confident.


Although having many advantages, Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar also has several defects due to the cheap price.

As someone who has listen to many great guitars, I am not really impressed by Jasmine S35’s tone. It’s difficult to explain what the problem with the sound is. When listening to its tone, I just don’t have the satisfaction as when I listen to a high-class guitar; nevertheless, turn out it’s just my own opinion.

My brother, on the other hand, said that he can barely noticed any differences between the sounds of Jasmine S35 and my $1000 guitar. Thus, I guess it doesn’t matter that much for a beginner’s low-level sensibility.

Normally a good guitar will remain its quality over many years or even decades. Frankly, I doubt that Jasmine S35 can last that long considering it is insanely inexpensive. Nothing is for certain at the moment, and I wonder how it will perform after years of use.

However, I’m fine even if it becomes worse over time because I will buy a high-quality guitar for my brother if he turn out to be a true guitar lover.


There is a reason why the guitar is one of the best guitar for beginners. For a guitar with the same features, Jasmine S35’s price is almost unbeatable. I am absolutely satisfied with my choice and unfortunately my brother seem to really like the guitar.

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