How to Tune a Guitar Using the Tuner

How-to-Tune-a-Guitar-Using-the-Tuner-featureGuitar tuning using the tuner is the fastest and the most precise method that Guitar players should choose – especially the beginners. In this article, Solguitar will guide you how to use the tuner in the most precise way.

Who should use the guitar tuners?

Since the Guitar tuner has become popular, a large number of beginners can progress Guitar skill faster, especially in the sound sensing ability when using this method for their guitar. Instead of manually tuning like the traditional way, you just need to connect your guitar to the tuner, startup and adjustment. Thus, the player does not lose too much time for tuning the guitar tone.

This accessory is not only suitable for the beginners but even professional guitar players also need to use guitar tuner (in case of performing in the band or theatrical performances). Therefore you should also use the tuning machine to reach the sound standard not only in music notes but also in height and length.

Notice when buying guitar tuners

First you need to know the signs and notes on the guitar fret board as follows:


Here are some small attentions when choosing and using a tuner that you should know:

  • Understand the notes and signatures to compare the notes signatures in the tuner.
  • The most important factor is, the quality of the tuner: Choose the standard tuners, not cheap ones, origin-unidentified or obsolete items. Because the cheap tuner is very high risky when it can work incorrectly. Besides, identifying non-standard tone when tuning is very easy to break the strings, using in long-term will make negative effect on the sound sensing ability and your guitar skills developing afterwards.
  • You should not worry too much about whether using the tuner is easy or hard because it is very simple. Just after a few small actions, you will complete the tuning for your guitar. It only matters that you adjust it quickly or slowly.
  • You should tune your 6 strings respectively in the order from top to bottom. You must know the name of the notes when playing these strings. And know the name in letters of the following notes then tuning each string so that it is correct with the letter displayed on the tuner.

How to use the tuner, read the following details

Step 1: Fix the position of the tuner on the head of Guitar fret board. First you clip it on the strings at top of the guitar with the screen facing you. You should notice when clipping that the tuner must not touch the strings.

Step 2: Pick each string to check the sound duration

If you tune any string, just pick that string and just one time for the tuner to sense the vibrated sound. Just do that once at a time, not repeatedly because if so, the sound will be chaotic and the tuner could not determine what the button is. When picking a string, you have to wait for the vibration of the strings to cease before picking again. Do not pick them repeatedly.

There could be 2 cases:

How-to-Tune-a-Guitar-Using-the-TunerPlay at the correct height: If you pick the correct height, the tuner will show green, as shown below.

How-to-Tune-a-Guitar-Using-the-TunerPlay at the wrong height: In the opposite is when you pick it wrongly (too high or too low), and then the tuner will display red as follows:

How to handle when you do not pick the string at the correct sound duration

In the wrong cases, you need to review whether the guitar strings are stretched or is sagging. If it is stretched too much, you can loose the buckle or it is too loose, you can do the opposite. Be attention not to screw the buckle too tight, that can lead to broken strings!

That is the guitar tuning method that is commonly used at the moment and very convenient for the support of the tuner. There is also another way that is using the tuning software of the smart phone. However, the software on devices is only a temporary way and can not reach the standards of accuracy as the guitar tuner.

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