You are a beginner? Don’t worry, everyone used to be a beginner. So am I. When I was 16, I saw a guitar solo video clip on the Internet and from that moment, I knew that I was going to die with guitar! But everything seemed to be too hard for me; I did not know anything about guitar then.

With a tight budget, I learned to play the guitar by myself and of course I made some mistakes. One of my biggest mistakes is when I started with an old-cheap-25-dollar-guitar!

Yes, starting anything is not easy. Especially when you have to learn by yourself and make countless mistakes. There were mistakes that could not be corrected. I was once like you, so I absolutely know how you feel at the moment. And I congratulate you that you have found the right place to put your trust.

After 8 years of studying guitar with the intense passion and under the guidance of the talented guitar teachers, I understand that I have a great responsibility to fulfill their wishes – to universalize guitar skills for everyone. Therefore, I create this blog to guide the beginners the shortest path to become a guitar player or even a professional guitarist! Hopefully this blog will be useful for you during your guitar self-learning process.

I am Ha Mocani. Thanks for visiting SolGuitar.

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