5 extremely simple exercises for splitting left-hand fingers for Guitar Beginners


“Hi Solguitar. I have read some guitar buying tutorials and how to play guitar on the company’s website. I want to ask a little bit about how to separate fingers on your left hand, apart from training on the guitar, is there any other easier way? For example, such as the physical exercises, the simple hands movements to separate the fingers without training on the guitar, as simple as possible, Solguitar 🙂 Thank you. ”


Hi, thank you for your trust.

Training to split fingers for the left hand is very important parts you have to experience when you start to learn Guitar. As we all know guitar is one of the instruments require us to use both hands when playing. The left hand will the strings on the fret board and move Gamme so it need to be especially flexible, skillful and quick reactive. However this is not the preferred hand for the majority of players practicing Guitar. Thus, if you practice separating fingers without a right method, it will be a bit more difficult.

If you are studying guitar at a center or a private guitar teacher, then make sure the instructor will teach you the fingers exercises and fingers separating exercises on guitar. However, you can not bring a guitar everywhere with you to practice splitting finger. So in this article, Solguitar will guide you 5 exercises for the left hand fingers separating effectively.

A special feature of this exercises are:

  • You do not need to bring the guitar, you can practice anywhere, anytime you want.
  • Simply move the fingers on one plain surface.
  • You can practice respectively from 1 to 5 or in the order that you can remember; it is not necessarily you must do in accordance with the steps in the article.


Exercise 1: Moving spider type

Exercise-1-Moving-spider-typeWith this exercise, your fingers 1 and 3 move together. Fingers 2 and 4 move together. You move the fingers combinations just like walking with your legs.

Exercise 2: Moving crutches style

Exercise-2-Moving-crutches-styleFingers 2 and 3 fit together into one complex, then move fingers 2 and 3 together, fingers 1 and 4 together, just like walking with a crutch.

Exercise 3: Moving penguin style

Exercise-3-Moving-penguin-styleFingers 1 and 2 fit side by side, so do fingers 3 and 4. Then move your two fingers together (1-2) and (3-4)

Exercise 4: Moving dog style

Exercise-4-Moving-dog-styleThis exercise is quite similar to exercises 3, however, the differences are fingers 1 and 4 together, finger 3 and thumb together, the middle finger is still facing the front.

Exercise 5: Moving bear style

Exercise-5-Moving-bear-styleCupped the fingers so that 5 tips of them touch the plain surface. Lift finger 2 (middle finger) up, move fingers like the thumb and finger 1 together, fingers 3 and 4 together.

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