4 simple steps to help your little finger flexible when practicing Guitar

Q: Hi Solguitar. I am a beginner so my fingers feeling are not good and flexible, especially the little finger. I have seen the article “Guidelines to stretch your fingers while playing Guitar” and know that besides selling guitars, you also have a lot of guitar playing tutorial. So can you suggest a few exercises to help your little finger become more flexible? Thank you.

Welcome, thank you for your trust. Little finger inflexibility when playing guitar, organ, piano, etc is the general condition of the majority of new players. To fix this there is no simpler way than doing exercise.

When we talk about exercise for the fingers, Solguitar has posted many guides in previous articles. In this content we will show you a few simple hand movements that are effective for little finger (you can also use this exercise for other fingers). Not only it is easy to learn, but you also can practice anytime, anywhere – even when you are working.

The first exercise

4-simple-steps-to-help-your-little-finger-flexible-when-practicing-guitarThis is a very simple exercise, just put your hand up side down on a flat surface, and straighten the fingers. Then try to move your little finger up and down as illustrated.

This is the basic exercise that anyone can practice. It looks simple but not easy. Remember that the remaining fingers have to be straight and always adhere to the surface. The little finger moves as much stretched as possible. 2 minutes to perform this exercise will certainly be a great start.

Exercise No 2

This is the little finger exercise 2 which I will show you. Anyone knows that the little finger is less flexible than the other fingers, so we need to work hard and properly. That is why I show you this exercise; these movements will improve your finger’s flexibility and the way you can control over your fingers on the fret board.

In exercise 2, you just need to fold your little finger all the way down within a minimum of 2 minutes (as shown). This action will help you improve the speed and how you control your fingers.

Exercise No. 3

The next movement is likely to be difficult for some of you because when I started training to play guitar I also had to struggle with this movement. Later when I was used to practicing, I found it easier.

Put your hand on a flat surface. Fingers outstretched. Slowly shrink the little finger in and remain the other fingers unchanged.

Exercise No. 4

4-simple-steps-to-help-your-little-finger-flexible-when-practicing-guitarThis is not a very important exercise, but you should not ignore because there are many beneficial effects. If you still find it hard the first time, you should practice any time such as when sitting in the office, in break time, sitting in train or car, etc

Again, put your hand on a flat surface, or you can use your lap for all the movements. Do as in Figure 1 and then try to split the fingers apart. This exercise lasts 2 minutes and you should you should repeat practicing it many times.

Are Little Finger Exercises Highly Effective And Important?

All the exercises that we mentioned on the website are very effective and important for you to learn the guitar, piano, and organ, etc
Besides the above you should practice fingers flexibility regularly in your spare time. 2 minutes for one movement is sufficient to maintain the flexibility of the fingers to play the guitar well.

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