Many beginners asked me how to choose the best beginner guitar. That is also my own question when I started learning guitar. Understanding what you want and need, I am glad to be here to help you find the best guitar for beginners.

After years of researching, playing guitar and consulting many veteran guitarists, I have found out an answer that I think is the most accurate. It’s very simple: “just grab a random guitar and … Bring it on!

Just kidding, lol. Actually, selecting the proper guitar at the beginning plays an essential role in shaping your musical sensibility. A good guitar also help your play sound better, which encourage you to practice harder. Therefore, I highly recommend that you choose a high-quality guitar (with a reasonable price of course).

Best beginner guitar

The table below describe details of the 4 guitars for beginners which I give my highest recommendation. Let’s listen to their sounds and read the reviews about them!

In my opinion, these are candidates for the best beginner guitar. In fact, they all have features suitable for newbies, which are good-looking appearance, high-quality sound, inexpensive price and flexibility to play many musical genres due to dreadnought design. Nevertheless, each guitar has its own characteristics. So please take your time to consider which one is the best for you.

Yamaha FG700S Solid Top Acoustic

Produced by a great guitar brand, Yamaha FG700S is arguably one of the best choice for beginners. In comparison with the 3 musical instruments above, it has a unique feature, which is the solid Sitka Spruce top.

When I first saw this product, I was quite surprised because solid wood is usually very expensive. That is why entry-level guitars are rarely made from this material. Contrary to laminated wood, solid wood means the guitar will sound cleaner and louder.

Not only that, the sound of the guitar will improve over time. The more you play the guitar, the better sound it will produce.

Indeed, the tone of this musical instrument is absolutely stunning regarding its low price. I believe it will even become better by the time you are a good guitarist. Therefore, I think it is actually more than just a guitar for beginners.

In fact, a vast majority of customers on Amazon agree with me when they rated the guitar about 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Jasmine S35 Acoustic

This product, the cheapest one I introduce in this guide, is made exclusively for newcomers. Despite of the inexpensive price, it sounds fine for a guitar used only for practice.

The cost for a cheap price is that the guitar is not too durable, and may downgrade through time. That is why I don’t think you should choose it to be your lifetime’s guitar. Instead, it is more reasonable if this musical instrument is just the first step in your guitar learning process.

Apparently, this will not be the last guitar you play, and you can replace it with a better one whenever you feel certain about your commitment to play guitar. If you are still testing your passion for playing guitar, it will be a safe bet.

Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic

Fender, a renowned guitar brand, has been in this business for around 80 years; and they know how to produce a decent guitar at a low cost. To be frank, entry-level guitars from Fender are always reliable and affordable.

When I started to learn playing guitar, my teacher suggested me to begin with a Fender guitar. So I chose a Fender. And if you ask me how it went, I would say I have never been so right in my life.

Made from decent types of wood, which are Rosewood, Spruce and Agathis, Fender FA-100 can produce standard sounds. Good materials will help maintain tone quality during your learning process. In term of appearance, Dreadnought body looks as splendid as a $1000 guitar.

Although it is not too special about the sound; nonetheless, I would say it is totally acceptable for a beginner guitar, at least for the price.

Fender Squier Acoustic

This guy is another amazing acoustic product from Fender.

Do you feel fascinated when listening to the sound of this musical instrument? I would say this product is worth much more than the price. Not only the guitar is friendly to beginners, it can also perform well on stage.

Furthermore, another reason for you to consider buying this guitar is that it comes with a great kit (include instruction DVD, sturdy hard case, winder and polishing cloth and other items as usual).

The differences between this guitar and Fender FA-100 are their prices and quality. While FA-100 is exceptionally inexpensive, Fender Squier prevails in tone quality.

In short, Fender Squier is simply the better guitar. Be that as it may, I wouldn’t say you should choose which one. Instead, which one is more suitable for you simply depends on your budget.

Don’t waste your money for luxurious guitars when your skill are not good yet because it is a risky investment when you are not even sure about your playing style, your commitment to play guitar, not to mention you won’t really feel the differences in the sounds of great guitars and good guitars with musical sensibility of beginner level.

These are products which I firmly believe are the best choice for beginners. As you can see, they are all rated very high (from 4.3 to 4.7 star). You can take a look at the customer reviews on amazon for more information.

Alright, you have listened to the sounds of the 4 musical instrument above. Now is the time to read the buying guide below to select the best one.

Guide of Buying


1. Identify your favorite kind of guitar

There are 3 major guitar categories as shown below. You can easily identify the type of a guitar just by looking at the technical details.

However, presenting how to do that may take a great deal of time; as a matter of fact, I will only discuss the differences in purpose of use of these 3 guitar types:

  • Acoustic: can produce thin, cool and bright sounds due to steel strings. Basically, acoustic guitars can play well almost all kinds of music but they are are excellent at playing modern music such as pop or rock.
  • Classical: this produces warm and dark sounds, which is perfect for classical music.
  • Electric: Electric guitars sound completely different from the 2 types above. They are especially popular in rock, metal music.


For a beginner, an electric guitar is not suitable since it requires a lot of skills to play; to be more specific, songs written for electric guitars are usually exceptionally fast in term of tempo.

A classical guitar is a fine choice as long as you love classical music. In my opinion, the best guitars for beginners are acoustic no matter what your favorite music genre is because they are flexible and easy to learn.

2. Information assessment

The 2 factors deciding a guitar’s quality:

  • Materials: Whether or not a guitar can produce good sounds deeply depends on the wood from which the guitar is made, with good quality and reasonable price, Rosewood, Sapele, Nato, Mahogany, Spruce, Agathis, Sitka Spruce are popular materials in guitar production around the world. There are also other valuable woods used in guitar making; however, from my experience I can tell that most of them are too expensive for a beginner.
  • Guitar maker’s skill: Only choose guitars made by high reputation producers. Actually, you don’t need to worry about this factor due to the fact that the 4 aforementioned guitars are all from renowned brand.


  • Absolutely do not purchase jitney guitars. By doing so, you may ruin your musical listening and assessment ability, playing techniques and even injure yourself practicing.
  • Here is my advice: Save your money until having enough to buy a high-quality guitar! Not only it is safe for your hands, it also enhances practicing efficiency.

Body design:

Although there are many types of body design for guitar, I personally believe dreadnought is the best design for beginners. That is because it have several enormous advantages over other designs.

  • Firstly, all dreadnoughts look nearly the same; therefore it is not likely that other people will realize your musical instrument is an inexpensive one.
  • Secondly, dreadnought guitars fit many music genres by allowing you to play both finger style and flatpicking style.
  • Thirdly, dreadnought design improve volume of the guitar, helping your guitar produce louder sounds than those of other guitars with the same size.

3. Note

  • Listening carefully to the sound before buying is essential if you want a guitar that suits your liking.
  • Read my review or other experienced guitarists who have played the guitar you are considering to buy.
  • Soundboard’s surface doesn’t actually affect guitar sound quality, which means you can decorate soundboard the way you like.

4. What do you need to check when receiving your guitar?

1. Are there any dents, cracks?

2. Ensure no component was damaged.

3. Make sure the neck is not curvy.

4. Check the gap between the strings and the fretboard:

  • If they are too far from each other, it will be difficult to press the strings down.
  • If they are too close, the strings will touch the frets, creating hum noises.

5. Check the stability of the sound: Using a tuner (included in the kit) to tune the guitar. If the pitch intensively fluctuates, the sound is not stable. In addition, you should try playing every note to check whether they sound clear.

6. If you encounter any technical glitch, do not try to solve the problem yourself because any improper attempt may damage the guitar even more. Instead, you should contact the seller or go to a guitar store for reparation.


Certainly you won’t have to regret the decision to buy one of the 4 suggested guitars. However, I would like you to read thoroughly my reviews before purchasing in order to select the best guitar for beginners like you.

You may realize that those 4 musical instruments are all acoustic guitar. Yes, I do recommend you to start your hobby with an acoustic guitar! However, in case you still want to find a classical guitar or electric guitar, you can click here for more recommendations.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully what I share here is helpful for you to find the best beginner guitar.

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